Payday loans

Check Advance Services - Fast Cash Loans

Check advance services are a great help to those who are in need of fast cash loans perhaps to tide over things until their next payday. There are many providers of check advance services or payday loans of small sums of money borrowed usually for short durations of may be a week or two. The lenders usually charge a fee of about $15 -$30 for every $100 that has been borrowed. People can borrow usually up to $500 when they apply for a loan the first time and can then borrow up to $1500 if they are regular customers who pay off their loans on time.

Why Are Check Advance Services Popular?

It is an acknowledged fact that many people opt for check advance services rather than opt for any other form of credit. This is because there are so many advantages that are unique to payday loans. The most significant reason why people opt for payday loans is that there are no hard credit checks involved. No matter how bad your credit score or your credit history is, you can avail a payday loan to solve the temporary financial shortage that has trapped you unaware.

Many other forms of credit such as a bank loan or a loan from a private moneylender may require collateral of some kind, but with no hard credit check loans no collateral of any kind is required. There are certain basic conditions that have to be satisfied before you can apply for a payday loan such as being above 18 years of age, having a valid bank account, being a US citizen, proof of regular income or permanent job not less than $1500/month etc.

There are many online check advance firms that make the process of getting a loan convenient as people need not visit the stores or face somebody in person to secure a loan. They can just log online at their convenience from their home, an internet cafe or from their office and look up several firms, compare rates and terms before they apply to the firm that offers the best deal. The information they supply is verified fast and the loan approved and deposited all within 24 hours! No paper work or waiting in queues and it is all so impersonal.

No hard credit check loans are a source of comfort to many who have been in a situation where cash was needed fast and as almost anybody can secure a payday loan; you need not worry too much if you experience a cash deficit. Check advance services are not to be misused but to be used only when you actually face an emergency and when you need a fast cash loan.