Payday loans

Pay Check Advance - Easy To Secure

Secure a pay check advance loan or a payday loan if you are in need of cash despite a bad credit history. It may be very stressful to have a pile of mounting bills and have no traditional credit options available due to a bad credit profile. They may now relax as they can easily secure pay check advance loans as such loans do not mandate credit checks. It is no wonder that payday loans have become popular credit options amongst people from all walks of life.

Pay Check Advance Services

There are several pay check advance service options available to people. They may visit local stores, or look up online stores. They may opt for a regular service or a faster and less troublesome faxless payday store. In a regular payday loan services or same day loans services, the customers will have to fax in documents such as their latest bank statement, pay stub, details of their bank account, etc. This may seem a bit taxing as it may be time consuming too.

If they opt for a faxless payday loan or a savings account payday loan, they may have to just fill in an application form online with details such as their name, address, telephone number, email address, job details, etc. The information is verified using secure connections quickly within a couple of hours usually and if validated, the pay check advance loan is approved and deposited in the checking account within 24 hours.

The pay check advance loans are borrowed for short durations such as 7 days up to a month. Customers may borrow $100 -$1500 and will have to pay a fee of $15-$30 for every $100 borrowed. Many people feel the loans are fast and quick and much better options than having to pay late payment penalties or bounced check charges.

The cash advance loans are popular with people who live on a tight monthly budget that goes bust due to an unplanned for and at times an unpleasant surprise. Most people prefer obtaining a savings account payday loan rather than ask money from friends and relatives or even charging it on their credit cards as getting a payday loan will not affect your credit scores.

You need no collateral, no more lengthy paper work or endless wait for a loan as same day loans are secured within an incredibly short time of 24 hours. Securing the loan can be extremely easy as you can just log online from your home and get a pay check advance loan in an impersonal manner without having to face anyone and give reasons for your loan requirement.